Summaries, Notes, and Reviews from Books I’ve Read

These notes are meant to be concise, not re-creations of the book. Click on the title of the book to read the notes.

Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss (7/10) This book is for everyone since negotiation plays a part in our daily lives. However, if you’re involved in sales, business development, or pitching where negotiation is vital to your success, this is a must read. Lots of practical techniques that you can immediately begin using.

Your Brain on Nature (7/10) Few books have illuminated the empirical evidence of nature’s effect on the human brain. It’s not something that scientists have dedicated a lot of research and study to until fairly recently. This book dives into the science of nature’s influence on our mental health and physiology. We know intuitively that being out in nature and away from a city is restorative and enjoyable, but modern predilection needs scientific evidence. This book gives it. Lots of great bits of practical information that you can immediately apply to your life.