What I'm Doing Now

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What I’m focused on at this point in my life.

Building Lazarus Design Team
Right now with 14 full-time employees and 5 contractors, I’m focused on building a better, more profitable company. My big goal is to build it into something that can function without me. This is the true aim of an entrepreneur — build something that functions without you.

I’m using this website as a creative outlet for my writing and posting the notes of books I read. Writing is how I improve my thinking. 

The Marketing Mentor
I just started this newsletter and trying to build an audience. I work with tons of businesses owners and wanted a way to share real world marketing with more entrepreneurs on a larger scale. 

The Sunday Stir (Nixed)
As an experiment, for a full year in 2021, I had a weekly newsletter that went out every Sunday. Beyond just sharing interesting information with others, I did it to make use of the things I was learning. It was useful way to catalog information instead just consuming and forgetting about it.

Updated February 24th, 2023