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10 Old Fashioned Ways to Stand Out in 2022

10 “old fashioned” ways to stand out (in your career, business, or life):

✉️ Handwritten Notes

Handwritten notes exude a raw authenticity that fosters connection.

⚔️ Be True to Your Word

When you say you’re going to do something, follow through.

⌛ Be on Early

Take pride in punctuality.

🧘‍♂️ Good Posture

Strong posture is a physical and mental unlock for life.

😃 Smile at Strangers

Smile and say good morning to people on the street.

🚪 Hold the Door

Hold the door for the next person—smile and say hello.

🫂 Express Gratitude

Tell someone how much you appreciate them.

🤝 Help Someone in Need

Give up your seat, buy someone a coffee, be open to help.

👂 Listen More Than You Speak

Talk less and listen more.

👀 Eye Contact

Eye contact builds trust.

*This post was adapted from this post on LinkedIn. I added emojis and shortened the descriptions.